Why Consumers Leave E-Commerce Sites (And How You Can Keep Them from Leaving Yours)

If you’re an online retailer, here’s a surprising fact for you: online shoppers are, more often than not, willing to spend their money, even without convincing from you. Most of them visit e-commerce sites because they want to buy and not merely shop around. This is especially true during the Christmas shopping season, when customers have a list of people to shop gifts for.

Of course, this doesn’t prevent them from actually leaving a retailer’s site, especially if there are details on the site that they don’t like. So, in some cases, all you have to do to make sales is make sure that every detail of your site is in place. To ensure that, here are the top reasons why consumers leave e-commerce sites, and what you can do to keep them from doing that.

Unhelpful product descriptions

Keyword-loaded product descriptions are nearly useless for customers. Most customers want to learn about product details before they purchase any product. If they don’t understand the product descriptions on your site, they’re likely to leave your site to go shop somewhere else. Prevent them from doing this by ensuring that your catalog’s site descriptions are actually helpful for customers, and are not merely composed of lumped-together SEO keywords.

Cluttered homepages

Customers may be put off if your homepage contains a hundred links to your products or services. Overly crowded homepages can overwhelm customers and create confusion about site navigation. It’s always best to put only a few products in the spotlight on your homepage to keep the page clean and organized. For instance, you can feature only the top-selling products on your homepage.

Customer support details aren’t visible

Customers want the guarantee that they’ll be able to reach you in case something goes wrong with their orders. Make sure that the contact information for your customer support team is prominently displayed on your website. It’s usually best to provide both an email address and a toll-free number; if possible, provide live chat support, as well.

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