Tips on Making Holiday E-mail Marketing Successful

Some online entrepreneurs may think that email marketing is dead, but many online marketing veterans maintain that email marketing remains to be one of the most effective drivers of conversion. This holds true especially during the holiday season, when online shopping usually surges to an all-year high. So if you want to enjoy high sales during the holidays, it’s in your best interest to optimize your business’ email marketing campaign.

Email marketing during the holidays can be tricky to execute sometimes, so here are few tips on launching a successful holiday email marketing campaign.

Use a reliable autoresponder service

The autoresponder service you use determines how easy it would be for you to drive your email marketing campaign to success. That’s why you should make sure that you use an autoresponder service that can fully cater to your needs. A great autoresponder service allows you to easily create emails in advance, as well as set customized schedules for email delivery. The service might even offer various email templates for you to personalize.

Make sure your campaign follows the right schedule

Just because you’ll be using the email marketing campaign for the holiday shopping season doesn’t mean that the first email should be sent to your customers on Black Friday. At this point, it’s often too late for your email marketing campaign to succeed. Many email marketing veterans recommend launching a holiday campaign as early as the first weeks of November. This way, your business can get the attention of early shoppers. You should also schedule your campaign so that emails are automatically sent to your customers throughout the shopping season.

Offer a range of products in your emails

By offering a variety of products in your emails, you get more chances of appealing to the interests of your customers. Studies have also revealed that multi-product emails have much higher click-through rates than emails that feature only one product. So your emails have higher chances of gaining better conversion if they contain more product-related links.

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