Tips on Boosting the Holiday Performance of PPC Campaigns

Many online retailers pull out all the stops for marketing and advertising for the Christmas shopping season, focusing a part of their marketing budget for pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Although PPC advertising requires site owners to spend money to earn money, PPC campaigns can really contribute to website traffic during the holidays, bringing more leads that can be converted into paying customers.

Since PPC campaigns require more financial investment compared to other advertising or marketing campaigns, you definitely want to make sure that you get the most out of the money you spend.  PPC campaigns can be tricky to optimize and execute for many online retailers, especially those who are new to PPC advertising. If you’re trying out PPC advertising for the first time this holiday season, try these two tips on boosting the effectiveness of PPC campaigns.

Use the right keywords.

During the Christmas season, as with other holidays, online shoppers are most likely to use search phrases that contain the words ‘gift’ or ‘present’. Take advantage of this trend by using these keywords in your ads as well. Focus ads on keywords such as ‘gift cards’, ‘gifts for mom’, and ‘popular gifts’. These words are likely to draw the attention of searchers. To make each click on the ads worth it, make sure that the landing pages for these ads are optimized for making sales.

Update your ad copy throughout the season.

Your PPC ads also have to be effective at directly engaging various sectors or types of online shoppers. You have to remember that there are various types of online shoppers as well, with the most common being ‘early bird shoppers’, ‘peak shoppers’, and ‘last-minute shoppers’. To make sure that your PPC ads are as effective as possible, update the ads’ copy so that they target the right type of shopper at the right time. If it’s late in the shopping season, for instance, lure last-minute shoppers through ads that mention short delivery times or special same-day delivery offers.

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