Optimizing Your Business’ Transactional Emails

When it comes to e-commerce, post-sales interactions with customers are just as important as the strategies you use to make sales. Because of the nature of online shopping, the interaction between you and your customer doesn’t stop once the sale is made. The process isn’t complete until the customer receives the products or services he or she pays for.

This is why the transactional email is a crucial part of your business’ customer fulfillment process. Transactional emails are usually automatically sent out to customers after they order products or services from your store’s site. The quality of these emails becomes even more important during the holiday season, one of the busiest seasons for online retailers.

Before the holiday season rolls around, make it a point to examine your business’ transactional emails. Here are some helpful guidelines to remember when optimizing those post-sales messages.

The transactional email should provide all the order information the customer needs. The email should answer most of the questions your customer may have after making an order. Essential details to be included in the email are an order summary and shipping arrival estimates. Addressing these concerns in the transactional email can help ease the pressure on your business’ customer service staff.

It’s also best if the transactional email features a clean, minimal design. Not only is a simple design more visually appealing, but it also makes it easier for your customers to print out the email if they prefer. That doesn’t mean that you can’t use festive holiday graphics for the email, though; just make sure that the email isn’t overloaded with colorful images or backgrounds.

The transactional email is also a great place to do product promotion, but make sure that the promotional material doesn’t overshadow the important information in the email. Many email marketing experts recommend that the promotional material be located below the relevant information.

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