Improving Your Site’s Product Pages for More Sales this Christmas

The most important pages on your website are probably the product pages. These pages are what your customers spend the most time browsing when they’re contemplating a purchase from your site. Since customers spend a lot of time on product pages, it’s going to do your business a lot of good if the pages are successful at encouraging customers to buy.

This is especially important for the coming Christmas season, when customers visit online retailer sites in droves between Cyber Monday and Christmas Eve. If you’re looking for to improve your site’s sales this Christmas season, consider these modifications to your site’s product pages.

Use more than one ‘Add to Cart’ button on each product page.

It really can’t get any more straightforward than this. Most product pages on online retailer sites have ‘Add to Cart’ buttons near the top right corner of the page, since this location easily draws the attention of customers. According to some experts, though, it might be advantageous if you place another ‘Add to Cart’ button near the bottom of the page.

This makes sense if you think about it – once your customers scroll down the page the button near the top right-hand corner disappears from their view. Adding another ‘Add to Cart’ button somewhere below the fold is similar to giving them another call to action, which they may very well heed.

Implement a ‘reminder’ system.

A ‘reminder’ system is a nifty way to encourage return business and added sales in the future. If possible, devote an area on each of your product pages to a ‘reminder’ web form. By using the system, customers allow your site to send them reminders to order a certain product, most likely for gift purposes. If possible, allow customers to set how many days in advance they’ll receive the reminder.

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