Helpful Tools for Social Media Management

Your holiday marketing strategies for the year would be incomplete without some social media marketing tactics thrown into the mix. Many e-commerce experts have emphasized the importance of maximizing the marketing potential of social media. Studies have also revealed the effectiveness of social media in customer engagement and lead generation.

As effective as social media promises to be, however, using these websites to engage customers and build brand loyalty takes a lot of time. And, unfortunately, time is something that most online entrepreneurs always seem to be running out of during the holiday season. You might have your hands full just with making sure that all customers receive their orders in time.

The good news is that there are tools that are especially designed for social media marketing management. Consider using these tools to put your social media marketing strategies on auto-pilot.


Squareberry is a great tool to use if you plan to use digital coupons this holiday season. The tool can automatically promote these coupons to your chosen social media sites. You can also set promotion schedules years in advance, a feature that’s helpful for annually recurring holiday sales. The tool can also send mobile coupon promotions to subscribed customers.


If you’re planning to run contests this holiday season, you may get a lot of use out of Wildfire. The tool helps you create campaigns in contest and quiz formats and simultaneously launch these campaigns on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Wildfire also offers a social marketing suite than can help entrepreneurs build custom landing pages on Facebook. is a useful tool if you subscribe to a lot of RSS feeds of valuable content for your target market. This free tool can help you publish links to the content on your Facebook fan page, Twitter, and LinkedIn profile. By providing valuable content to your target market, you’ll find it easier to engage your leads and existing customers.

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